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A Living Lamp Post Entertainer at a Christmas Street Event



ILLUMINATED led stilt walkers

Introducing The Living Lamp Posts! The enchanting and illuminating new stilt act from Theatre Illumiere!


Standing at over twelve feet tall these noble and elegant Lamp Post stilt walkers will shine a new light on your event. Let them explore their surroundings to light-up people’s faces and fill them with joy. Need a light? They can help with that! Trouble seeing in the dark? Let them be your guide!


The Living Lamp-Posts are a marvellous moving display of ornate light and colour bringing wonder to adults and children alike!

A Living Lamp Post Stilt Walker


A joyous spectacle of light and entertainment, The Living Lamp Posts were made by Theatre Illumiere to bring joy and laughter to people at street entertainment events all over the world.

Incredible elegant costumes are hand made in our workshop using a special combination of traditional and modern crafting techniques.

The Living Lamp Posts draw huge crowds; their giant stilt performance is irresitsable for people to take photos and selfies to share online - a great way to spread awareness of your event. 

Available worldwide for Street Theatre Events, Light Events, Illumination Events, Light Festivals, Christmas Tree unveilings, Narnia Themed Events, Evening Street Events, Shopping Events, High Street Events, Weddings, Stately Homes, Victorian Themed Events, Alice In Wonderland themed Events or anything that requires a magical touch of illumination.


Contact Theatre Illumiere to bring the Living Lamp Posts to your event!

The Living Lamp Posts Stilt Walkers performing in Manchester


"you were wonderful, people loved it, our most requested act."

MANCHESTER BID: 2021 & 2022

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